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In 1938, the Dutch government started in the lake IJsselmeer with the laying of a dyke for the future North East Polder. After a period of two years pumping, the brand new polder was dry in 1942. It was then drained, sown with wheat and canals were dug in order to dry the land. In 1954, Jan Veendrick, the father of Hans, Jos and Frans, came from Gelderland near Arnhem to lease a farm. He traded his farm there and got a mixed farm of 24 acres in the polder. He started early 60s with the growing of bulbs, including tulips and gladioli.


In 1975 Hans Veendrick founds the company Veco BV Fruits and Vegetables. Veco starts growing, washing and cutting the so-called market carrots. Later, in 1979, is switched to carrots and vegetable processing for third parties. Veco was then located on the quay in Creil. Jos Veendrick and Frans Veendrick, the two co-directors made their entry in the company in 1982. They had put together a company Brothers Veendrick in the cultivation of flower bulbs (tulips). In 1982 the two companies merged and started growing silverskin onions for a silverskin onions processor. In 1985 the director of that company retired. Veco has taken over the machines and started the peeling and processing of silverskin onions. In 1988, Parisian carrots were first cultivated. In 1994, the first cold store built and these are, after enlargement in 2000 and 2004, representing a capacity of 48.000m3 with a cooling capacity of up to-20C. The cooling is extended to 61.000m3 in 2014. After the death of founder Hans Veendrick in 2000 his son Jan Veendrick is part of the management. In 2006, Veco took over silverskin onion processer Prodimex located at Nieuw Vossemeer. Since 2010, the registered name is Veco vegetables and flowerbulbs ltd. In 2013 Veco takes the decision to quit in the flower bulb industry and to further specialize in the cultivation and processing of silverskin onions and Parisian carrots. 2014 is the final year that products are being processed on the location of Prodimex. In the same year is the cold store at the location in Creil expended to 61.000m3. In 2015 Veco realised a new production space fully focused on an efficient process of the silver skin onions with a view on food safety. In 2017 Veco has placed over 2000 solar panels on the roof of the cold stores and the new production space. The solar panels are good for a yield of 700MWH per year. This is equivalent to a CO2 emission saving of 250.00-KG and the planting of 800 trees. In the spring of 2019 a new member joined the direction. Sjoerd Veendrick. He is the successor of his father, Jos Veendrick who retired. Sjoerd is among other things responsible for the cultivation of the silver skin onions.


Veco currently specializes in the processing of vegetables into a semi-finished product for industrial customers. The company specializes in the growing and processing of silverskin onions and growing, washing and sorting Parisian carrots. Sporadic potatoes and carrots are washed for a third party. There are also red beets grown. The coldstores are also rented out to third parties for the storage of carrots, cabbage and various other products. The production site in Creil processes annually about 40,000 tons of vegetables (excluding cooling). Veco operates according to a HACCP system with strict rules of hygiene and food safety.