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Zilveruien uit Nederland

Welcome to Veco BV


Silverskin onions & Parisian carrots

At Veco BV we process vegetables into a semi-finished product for industrial customers. We are specialized in growing and peeling silverskin onions and washing and sorting Parisian carrots. Every year we process approximately 40,000 tons of vegetables.
Veco is in possession of food safety certificate and qualified at sustainable arable farming. Also the company is certified to process organic products.


Expanding coldstore and processing

With a view to the future, Veco invested in a new processing site in 2015 to process the harvest. Also the coldstores have been expanded up to 61.000 m3 and will be equipped with dock shelters to load faster and more efficient. The new cold stores can also be for hire for third parties for storage of carrots, cabbage and various other products.

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Quality Systems

To guarantee and improve the quality of business operations we have implanted a few quality systems at Veco. Veco is in possession of the next certificates:

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About us

Veco is a family business founded in 1975 and plays a progressive role in the vegetable industrie since the founding of the company. Until 2014 Veco was  active in the flower bulb sector. This year Veco chose for further specialization in silverskin onions and Parisian carrots. Partly by the continuing increase in scale  in the  bulb sector and the stricter requirements for food safety and hygiene in the vegetable processing industrie. With a regular team of 30 employees en 160 temporary workers the products are being processed at our processing site.

More about our history
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